Our Story

In a world marked by automation and digitization, the heartbeat of craftsmanship still thrives within the core of India’s heritage. RSVP Collection was born from a simple yet profound mission: to elevate the exquisite Indian handwork and craftsmanship, breathing life into the finesse, love, and yearning for Indian embroideries. We stand as guardians of tradition, continuously evolving to stay relevant while rekindling the passion for the artistry that is uniquely Indian.

The Visionaries Behind the Brand

Meet the creative minds shaping the essence of RSVP Collection:

Roli & Saurabh

The stylistic brilliance of RSVP Collection is defined by Roli and Ssorabh’s contemporary vision, nurtured by their appreciation for contrasts and a profound love for ornamentation. Their journey began at the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (N.I.F.T), where destiny intertwined their paths. Their professional partnership is rooted in mutual admiration and a steadfast focus on the present.

A Journey Rooted in Artistry

Roli, the recipient of the “Best Garment Construction” and “Most Creative Designer” awards for her graduating collection, brings an innate sense of aesthetics and a relentless pursuit of perfection to the brand. Her creations are handcrafted to perfection, each detail meticulously curated to embody her initial vision.
Ssorabh Khandelwal, the business force-driving RSVP, takes care of the commercial aspects and retail strategy. He seamlessly balances design and marketing, employing techniques like watercolor and freehand sketching to infuse a unique and inspiring graphic touch to our creations. His meticulous attention to detail is unparalleled.
At RSVP Collection, we believe in the power of storytelling through fashion. Each ensemble we create is a modern fairy
tale, brought to life through playful combinations, ethereal fabrics, and elegant finishes. We marry
contemporary design with our rich Indian heritage and craftsmanship to craft pieces that resonate with our global clientele.

Mission Redefined: Fusion Couture

Our mission is to redefine the designer category by offering high-quality, on-trend clothing at contemporary price points. We call it “Fusion Couture”: personalized, unique, custom-made garments that combine commercial sensibility with an unerring feel for fashion. It’s about simple ideas expressed strongly.

The RSVP Journey

Our journey has been one of slow and steady growth, guided by the belief in our creations and the dedication to our craft. In the world of fashion, where trends can change overnight, our solid sense of identity keeps us grounded. We understand that brands built slowly can snowball into something remarkable. RSVP is on its way to becoming a global luxury powerhouse.

The Executors - Design and Production Team

Behind the scenes, our design studio in Civil Lines, Delhi, houses a dedicated team of designers, pattern cutters, embroiderers, and quality controllers. Our commitment to detail, both in aesthetic and technical design, ensures that every piece we create is a masterpiece.

Green Vocation: A Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to aligning with organizations that generate income to support member programs and give back to the local community, particularly for women’s empowerment. Our eco-friendly approach not only uses sustainable and eco-friendly embroidery components but also extends to our bag materials, which are made of 100% recyclable handmade paper.

Delivering the Best

With a vision to create a sustainable luxury designer label that celebrates Indian sensibilities with international appeal, our aim is clear: “To challenge the boundaries with highly innovative solutions using our creative power, providing affordable glamour to a worldwide customer adhering to high-quality design standards delivered consistently with the best customer experience in the markets we serve.”
At RSVP Collection, the future starts today, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey.
Our rich heritage and commitment to artistry make us an engaging brand. Who knows,
maybe our brand will become the next chapter in your story.