Bespoke Collection By RSVP
A wardrobe filled with exquisite thread embroidery, each piece a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Now, contrast that with the mundane, mass-produced options that saturate the market. Your style should be a reflection of your inner elegance, not a compromise.
RSVP Bespoke Collection is your sanctuary of luxury and individuality. Our exclusive range of thread embroidery patterns, including Parsi-Gara, Thread Paintings, Appliqué, Fine Cut-dana, Sustainable, Floral, and Seed-bead embroidery, awaits your selection. But we offer more than just patterns; we offer a bespoke journey tailored to your unique preferences.
Our mission is to immerse you in the timeless beauty of thread embroidery. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you, bringing your vision to life. Imagine garments that resonate with your soul, crafted from a selection of the finest fabrics, including pure silks and eco-conscious vegan options. This is not just fashion; this is artistry.
Don’t just dream of elegance—embrace it. Your journey to a wardrobe that epitomizes luxury and individuality starts here. Explore our captivating thread embroidery patterns, and let us handcraft pieces that are uniquely yours. From classics that stand the test of time to avant-garde expressions of your style, RSVP Bespoke is your portal to elegance.

Client Stories

Elegance Rediscovered

Meet Ria, a woman with a passion for classic style. She felt that her wardrobe was missing something truly exceptional. RSVP Collection worked closely with Ria, curating a collection of thread-embroidered ensembles that celebrated her love for timeless elegance. Today, Ria’s closet tells a story of luxury and individuality, thanks to RSVP Bespoke.

The Art of Sustainability

Tehmina is not just a fashion enthusiast; she’s also an advocate for sustainability. RSVP Collection’s eco-conscious approach to fashion resonated with her deeply. They created a range of sustainable thread-embroidered pieces that combined artistry with environmental responsibility. Anjali now proudly wears creations that align with her values.

A Wedding to Remember

For Radhika, her wedding day had to be a fairy tale. RSVP Collection turned that dream into reality by crafting a bridal outfit that was nothing short of regal. The intricate thread embroidery and impeccable fit made Radhika feel like royalty. Her wedding was an unforgettable celebration of luxury and style, thanks to RSVP Bespoke.
Our Clients Speak for Us